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National Reference Files

Data Definitions and References

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National Reference Files

National Reference files are a set of data files maintained by ISD primarily used in the validation of patient based data returns from NHS Boards. They are also used in health and social care operational systems across Scotland, for example, Administrative, Financial and Human Resource Systems.

Current National Reference files hold data on, for example, NHS locations, GP practices, consultants, specialties, ICD10 and OPCS4 classifications and are listed below. The Reference Files Team issue and maintain many of these codes and publish some on behalf of third parties.

Most of the files are updated on a daily basis, others are updated as required (e.g. Error_messages, GP_CHP etc).


Reference Files

For further information on Reference Files (or on downloading the files from the NHSnet) please contact the Reference Files team by e-mail on .

GP Files

For enquires regarding GP's, GP Practices or GP Branches, please get in touch with the Datamarts team by e-mail on

SCI Gateway

For all Reference file enquires from users of SCI Gateway please contact the SCI Gateway Helpdesk on 0141 282 2100. (email:

Updating Reference Files

Forms used to notify ISD of changes to the Reference files

If you would like to update consultant data, please click here and log in. If you need a username and password, please contact or call one of these numbers - 0131 275 6265, 0131 275 6708 or 0131 275 6503.

Downloading the ISD SMR Data Reference files

NHSnet users can download the data files here

Click on the filename to download that file :

The Reference File search facility can be accessed here

A list of all current NHS hospitals in Scotland can be accessed here.

Standard Files

File name Description Layout Updated
REFFILES.zipAll 17 standard reference files20/10/2017
clinfaciClinical facility - a room, suite of rooms or a vehicle equipped and available for clients/patients to receive health care.Clinical Facility20/10/2017
conspecConsultants mapped to their valid specialties.GMC/HCP No. to Specialty20/10/2017
consprovConsultants mapped to their valid providers.GMC/HCP to Provider Code20/10/2017
facilitySignificant Facility - a type of clinical facility which is identified for clinical and/or costing purposes.Significant Facility20/10/2017
facrtypeSignificant facilities mapped to SMR type.Significant Facility to Record Type20/10/2017
gpbranchScottish GP branch surgeries.GP Branch20/10/2017
gppracScottish GP Practices.Scottish GP Practices20/10/2017
gprefScottish GP details.GP Ref20/10/2017
hcpHealth care professionals.Health Care Professional No20/10/2017
locationISD locations.Location Codes20/10/2017
meddenMedical and dental staff.Medical, Dental & GP GMC20/10/2017
provlocsProvider mapped to specialty mapped to location.Provider to Location to Spec20/10/2017
purchproOrganisation codes.Organisation Codes20/10/2017
specfacSpecialties mapped to significant facilities.Specialty to Significant Facility20/10/2017
specialtSpecialty codes.Specialty20/10/2017
specrtypSpecialties mapped to SMR type.Specialty to Record Type20/10/2017
ukgppracUK GP Practices.Rest of UK GP Practices20/10/2017

Postcode Files

File name Description Updated
postcodeFull postcode (postcode only) file20/10/2017

Clinical Coding

File name Description Layout Updated
icd10The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems, Tenth Revision (ICD10).ICD1020/10/2017
ICD10v4ICD10 file prior to version 5 updates in April 2016.n/a04/03/2016
opcs4Office of Population Censuses and Surveys, Classification of Surgical Operations and Procedures (OPCS4 file version 4.8)OPCS420/10/2017

SCI Gateway

File name Description Updated
gw_candidateentitygw_candidateentity data20/10/2017
gw_directoryentitygw_directoryentity data20/10/2017
gw_gppracGW gpprac file (for SCI Gateway use only). Holds updated HB cypher "G" or "H" for "old" Argyll & Clyde practices20/10/2017
gw_hcpGW Health Care professionals linked to GW-Specialties (for SCI Gateway use only)20/10/2017
gw_hprovDescription for file gw_hprov20/10/2017
gw_hspecGW Health Care professionals linked to GW-Specialties (for SCI Gateway use only)20/10/2017
gw_plsGW_Provider/Location/Specialty file (for SCI Gateway use only)20/10/2017
gw_specsGW_Specialty file (for SCI Gateway use only)20/10/2017


File name Description Layout Updated
Clinical Document Type.zipWithin v3.0 there are no CDI code changes, it has been created in order to align to (EH4001) Clinical Document Indexing Standards V3.0 which is published on the eHealth Standards Library web page. A downloadable file is published here. If you have any queries please contact NSS.isdDataStandards@nhs.net20/10/2017
dentpracDental Practices (PSD data extracts)dentprac20/10/2017
dentrefDentists (PSD data extracts)dentref20/10/2017
Error_messagesFile of error messages for use by SCI Validation Engine20/10/2017
GP_CHP.xlsGP Practice/CHP15/09/2017
lookup_files.zipStandard lookup files for use by SCI Validation Engine20/10/2017
optpracOptician Premises (PSD data extracts)optprac20/10/2017
optrefOpticians (PSD data extracts)optref20/10/2017

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