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18 May - 16 June 2017 - The AHP Operational Measures Dataset Consultation closed on Friday, 16th June 2017. Please see the Consultation section below for further information.

May 2017 - The AHP Operational Measures Dataset Consultation Document is now available for feedback. Completed consultation documentation should be returned to ISD by Friday, 16th June 2017. Please see the below for further information

March 2017 - More than 150 AHPs (across the 12 professions), e-health leads and information professionals attended definitional workshops in February and March. The discussions were productive and enthusiastic and have given the project team a great deal of information for refining your AHP Operational Measures dataset.

What happens next? - The results of the workshops will be distilled into a final draft dataset with accompanying examples and guidance.

Your draft data set will be circulated widely amongst AHPs in a formal consultation in May 2017, closing 6 weeks later in mid-June. The consultation will also be available to download on this web page.

We encourage you to fully participate in the consultation (and disseminate to colleagues) as this will be your opportunity to shape the final, agreed dataset made by AHPs for AHPs.

Think you might miss the opportunity? Contact us now at and we'll add you to our mailing list.

AHPOMs National Minimum Dataset Consultation 2017

AHP Operational Measures Dataset Consultation Document Download PDF file [950kb]

The AHPOMs National Minimum Dataset Consultation is now closed and took place between 18 May and 16 June 2017.

This consultation provided an opportunity for relevant organisations and individuals to offer their views on the proposed AHPOM dataset, and associated definitions, in order to ensure that the data collected and associated outputs will meet the needs of AHPs.

All responses are currently being reviewed and considered along with any other available evidence to help us finalise the AHPOM dataset. We will issue a feedback report on this consultation which will be published on the ISD website at by October 2017.

The nationally agreed dataset will then be tested and a report formulated with suggestions for future phases of the project.

Please check this page for updates.


At present, the Allied Health Professionals (AHPs) in Health and Social Care have very little national data to evidence the value they give to the people of Scotland or to support future service planning. Previously national data sets were developed however AHPs had few Clinical IT systems to record and report data. The outcome of devolving responsibility for eHealth to local NHS boards since 2009 has seen the proliferation of locally defined data sets making national data capture difficult.

The AHP National Delivery Plan (NDP) for Scotland 2012-16 provided the impetus for change. The AHP Musculoskeletal Waiting Times component and its directive resulted in both an increase in the number of IT systems made available to AHPs and the need for national data recognised. The NDP action point 6.1 asked for a national minimum dataset to be captured from AHPs in Health Social Care and made available in dashboard format nationally. This was initiated during the timescales of the NDP but not completed. The Scottish Government, however, agreed for this work to be continued beyond the scope of the NDP.

Timeline of Developments


Operational Measures Project: Phase 2: Nov 2016 - May 2018

  • To create a defined and functional minimum data set fully consulted upon across Scottish AHPs and accompanying guidance.
  • To build a good understanding of AHP data held by health and social care partnerships for future inclusion in Operational Measures.
  • To work with partner organisations representing the geographic breadth of AHP service delivery in Scotland to test and refine the minimum data set against local systems, build data extraction protocols and produce example analysis.
The work is overseen by a national steering group with representatives from Scottish Government, National Information Leads, ISD’s project team, AHP Directors, AHP National Leads and AHP practitioners.

AHP Operational Measures Phase 2 Brief Download PDF file  [757kb]


Operational Measures Project: Phase 1: Oct 2015 - May 2016

Aim: to capture AHP Operational Measures data from 2 Health boards, identify issues and write a full business case supporting national implementation.

AHP Operational Measures Phase 1 Project Information Sheet Download PDF file [176kb]

AHP Operation Measures Poster - A Minimum Dataset for AHPs in Scotland Download PDF file [470kb]

AHP Operation Measures Phase 1 Report Executive Summary Download PDF file [470kb]
AHP Review of the AHP Minimum Dataset: Aug 2014 - May 2015. The AHP Minimum Data set was augmented by additional Key Performance Indicators and became known as AHP Operational Measures Download PDF file [470kb]. These output measures were approved by the AHP Directors, Leads & the Chief Health Professions Officer at Scottish Government. A successful business case was submitted by ISD to the Scottish Government to begin a Phase 1 project.

AHP IT survey.: Between Jan- March 2014, a national survey of AHP services captured information about the IT Systems used by AHPs in health care, the percentage of staff recording patient level data on them and how fully could these systems capture and report on the AHP Minimum Dataset of 2011.


AHP Professions: By 2013 the number of AHP professions increased to 12 - namely Arts Therapies, Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Orthoptics, Orthotics, Paramedics, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Prosthetics, Speech & Language Therapy, Radiography (Diagnostics) and Radiography (Therapeutic).
Quality Metrics: In June 2012 discussions began between Scottish Government Chief Health Professions Office & ISD about the quality metrics referred to in item 6.1 of the NDP. The Quality Metrics Business Case was submitted to the Scottish Government which was revisited in 2013 and an AHP IT Survey was the 1st step in addressing item 6.1 of the NDP.



ISD Project team:

Richard Hunter,
Information Consultant

Alison Morris,
Project Manager

Euan McComiskie & Fiona Millar, 
AHP Advisors

Primal Chohan, 
Information Analyst

Amy Hynd & Kat Reid, 
Data Managers


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