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Annual Report

Sexual Health

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Annual Report

In previous years the 'Scotland's Sexual Health Information' (SSHI) report had been produced jointly by Health Protection Scotland (HPS) and the Information Services Division (ISD). This joint working allowed data on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and workload recorded in sexual health clinics to be analysed alongside data on STIs from laboratories.

ISD, who would collate and report on STIs diagnosed in sexual health clinics, have been unable to produce this data for 2010 onwards due to a change in data collection system.

More recent data on Blood Borne Viruses (BBVs) & STIs is available on the HPS website.

Annual Report - Background

In 2005 HPS and ISD published 'Setting the Scene' a report looking at STIs including HIV in Scotland in 2004. This report was followed up in 2006 with 'Moving Forward'. Following the publication of 'Moving Forward' it was felt that future reports should have a broader focus and better reflect the increasing numbers of integrated specialist sexual health services in Scotland

The first of the 'sexual health' reports was the STIOSHI Report (STIs and Other Sexual Health Information) and was published in November 2007. The second of the 'sexual health' reports was published in November 2008 and was the first report to use the SSHI title, chosen for its simple yet clear reflection of the continuing broader remit of the report.

In November 2009 the SSHI report was released as an extended report, containing in depth text, charts and tables, as well as a summary version which was text based only and featuring the key points from the expanded version.

Previous Annual Reports

Setting the Scene (Published November 2005) Download pdf file (3.3Mb)

Moving Forward (Published November 2006) Download pdf file (3.9Mb)

STIOSHI (Published November 2007) Download pdf file (8.1Mb)

SSHI Report (Published November 2008) Download pdf file (3.2Mb)

Full SSHI Report: Year of Publication 2009 Download pdf file (6MB)

Summary SSHI Report: Year of Publication 2009 Download pdf file (1MB)

SSHI Report: Year of Publication 2010 Download pdf file (2MB)

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