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The Independent Review of NHS Continuing Healthcare, published on May 2, 2014 recommended that NHS Continuing Healthcare be completely revised, as it was no longer fit for purpose.

From June 1, 2015 NHS Continuing Healthcare was replaced by Hospital Based Complex Clinical Care.

DL (2015) 11 - Hospital Based Complex Clinical Care (HBCCC) guidance was issued on 28th May 2015 and replaced guidance on NHS Continuing Healthcare contained in CEL 6 (2008). The new guidance was effective from 1st June 2015.

The Scottish Government gather and publish information on all patients receiving HBCCC in NHS Hospitals in Scotland. Results from the first Hospital Based Complex Clinical Care Census, carried out in March 2016 can be found at

NHS Continuing Healthcare

Prior to the introduction of Hospital Based Complex Clinical Care, ISD gathered and published census information on NHS Continuing Healthcare covering all patients whom clinicians had assessed to meet the criteria contained in the guidancein CEL 6 (2008) Download PDF file [579Kb](Category A), and certain other patients who did not meet the criteria but had been in hospital for over 1 year and for whom no estimated date of discharge had been set (Category B). This information was based on data collected at individual census points.

The Definition and Data Recording manual Download PDF file [294Kb] (revised March 2014) contains information on the census coverage and context, data requirements and data item definitions.

Published Information

Information relating to NHS Continuing Healthcare from 2010 to 2015 can be found under Publications.

Reports prior to 2010 can be found via the links below:

Related Health and Social Care Information

ISD publishes other information that helps to measure the shift in the balance of care to ensure that older people are cared for in their own homes or in a homely setting in the community, wherever possible.

For most patients, following completion of health and social care assessments, the necessary care, support and accommodation arrangements are put in place in the community without any delay and the patient is appropriately discharged from hospital. A delayed discharge occurs when a patient, clinically ready for discharge, cannot leave hospital because the other necessary care, support or accommodation for them is not readily accessible and/or funding is not available, for example to purchase a care home place. Further information can be found here:

The Scottish Care Home Census presents information on the provision of care home places throughout Scotland and for individual local authorities. Trend data is available from March 2000. A link to the latest report can be found here:

The Scottish Government publishes other information relating to service provision for older people and this can be found at the following website:

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