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Cancer Quality Performance Indicators and Prospective Audit: Supporting the Improvement of Cancer Services in Scotland


The Better Cancer Care plan, published in 2008, included a commitment to “develop a work programme which will define how we will take forward… quality indicators for cancer services”.

To achieve this, the Scottish Cancer Taskforce established the National Cancer Quality Steering Group (NCQSG), which includes responsibility for:

  • The development of small sets (approximately 10-15 indicators) of tumour specific national quality performance indicators (QPIs).
  • Overseeing the implementation of the national governance framework that underpins the reporting of performance against these national QPIs.

The QPIs have been developed collaboratively with the three Regional Cancer Networks (NOSCAN, SCAN, WOSCAN), Information Services Division (ISD), and Healthcare Improvement Scotland. The QPIs are published on the Healthcare Improvement Scotland website.

NHS Boards will be required to report against QPIs as part of a mandatory national cancer quality programme. National reports are published by ISD and are available here Quality Indicators

QPI Datasets

Locally collected prospective cancer audit will be used to report against the majority of QPIs and it is important that these data are:

  • timely,
  • comprehensive,
  • nationally comparable.

ISD has an important role in developing national prospective audit data sets and data definitions in collaboration with Scotland's three regional cancer networks and the tumour specific QPI development groups.

This ensures that data on various aspects of patient care are collected in a consistent manner across geographical areas.

ISD also assists NHS Boards in improving the quality of local data collection and reporting through the production of data validation specifications, and measurability criteria for QPIs.

The current data sets, data validations and measurability criteria to support QPIs are available by selecting the appropriate links next to the specific cancer below.

Cancer Dataset Measurability Criteria Data Validations DVL Dataset Collection Period
Download PDF fileBreast v2.7 [811kb] Download PDF fileBreast v2.5 [322kb] Download Excel fileBreast v2.4 [230kb] 1 Jan 2014 to 31 Dec 2015
Download PDF fileBreast v3.2 [1.1Mb] Download PDF fileBreast v3.2 [422kb] Download Excel fileBreast v3.2 [151kb] 1 Jan 2016 onwards
Download PDF fileRenal v2.2 [510kb] Download PDF fileRenal v2.4 [231kb] Download Excel fileRenal v2.2 [100kb] 1 Jan 2014 to 31 Dec 2015
Download PDF fileRenal v3.1 [819kb] Download PDF fileRenal v3.3 [321kb] Download Excel fileRenal v3.1 [73kb] 1 Jan 2016 onwards
Download PDF fileProstate v2.5 [709kb] Download PDF fileProstate v2.6 [314kb] Download Excel fileProstate v2.2 [202kb] 1 Jul 2014 to 30 Jun 2016
Download PDF fileProstate v3.0 [709kb] Download PDF fileProstate v3.0 [314kb] Download Excel fileProstate v3.0 [202kb] 1 Jul 2016 onwards
Download PDF fileHPB v2.6 [846kb] Download PDF fileHPB v2.5 [413kb] Download Excel fileHPB v2.5 [197kb] 1 Jan 2014 to 31 Dec 2016
Download PDF fileHPB v3.0 [870kb] Download PDF fileHPB v3.2 [543kb] Download Excel fileHPB v3.1 [89kb] 1 Jan 2017 onwards
Download PDF fileUpper GI v2.5 [750kb] Download PDF fileUpper GI v2.7 [270kb] Download Excel fileUpper GI v2.8 [295kb] 1 Jan 2014 to 31 Dec 2016
Download PDF fileUpper GI v3.0 [853kb] Download PDF fileUpper GI v3.1 [330kb] Download Excel fileUpper GI v3.1 [87kb] 1 Jan 2017 onwards
Download PDF fileColorectal v2.6 [978kb] Download PDF fileColorectal v2.7 [301kb] Download Excel fileColorectal v2.4 [177kb] 1 Apr 2014 to 31 March 2017
Download PDF fileColorectal v3.0 [1008kb] Download PDF fileColorectal v3.1 [349kb] Download Excel fileColorectal v3.0 [56kb] 1 Apr 2017 onwards
Download PDF fileLung v2.5 [942kb] Download PDF fileLung v2.8 [339kb] Download Excel fileLung v2.5 [299kb] 1 Apr 2014 to 31 December 2016
Download PDF fileLung v3.1 [998kb] Download PDF fileLung v3.3 [375kb] Download Excel fileLung v3.1 [72kb] 1 Jan 2017 onwards
Download PDF fileLymphoma v2.2 [813kb] Download PDF fileLymphoma v2.3 [442kb] Download Excel fileLymphoma v2.2 [96kb] 1 Oct 2014 to date
Download PDF fileOvarian v2.3 [856kb] Download PDF fileOvarian v2.5 [293kb] Download Excel fileOvarian v2.4 [105kb] 1 Oct 2014 onwards
Download PDF fileBrain/CNS v2.5 [804kb] Download PDF fileBrain/CNS v2.3 [285kb] Download Excel fileBrain/CNS v2.3 [206kb] 1 Jan 2015 to date
Download PDF fileBladder v2.6 [1Mb] Download PDF fileBladder v2.8 [626kb] Download Excel fileBladder v2.7 [314kb] 1 Apr 2015 onwards
Download PDF fileHead and Neck v2.7 [1Mb] Download PDF fileHead and Neck v2.5 [313kb] Download Excel fileHead and Neck v2.7 [715kb] 1 Apr 2015 onwards
Download PDF fileSarcoma v2.5 [1Mb] Download PDF fileSarcoma v2.4 [603kb] Download Excel fileSarcoma v2.5 [505kb] 1 Apr 2015 onwards
Download PDF fileAcute Leukaemia 2.2 [520kb] Download PDF fileAcute Leukaemia v2.2 [281kb] Download Excel fileAcute Leukaemia v2.2 [72kb] 1 July 2015 onwards
Download PDF fileMelanoma v2.3 [826kb] Download PDF fileMelanoma v2.2 [256kb] Download Excel fileMelanoma v2.2 [107kb] 1 July 2015 to date
Download PDF fileEndometrial v1.2 [616kb] Download PDF fileEndometrial v1.1 [174kb] Download Excel fileEndometrial v1.2 [64kb] 1 October 2014 to 1 October 2015
Download PDF fileEndometrial v2.4 [622kb] Download PDF fileEndometrial v2.1 [174kb] Download Excel fileEndometrial v2.4 [81kb] 1 October 2015 onwards
Download PDF fileCervical v1.3 [563kb] Download PDF fileCervical v1.2 [184kb] Download Excel fileCervical v1.2 [49kb] 1 October 2014 to 1 October 2015
Download PDF fileCervical v2.2 [562kb] Download PDF fileCervical v2.2 [183kb] Download Excel fileCervical v2.1 [32kb] 1 October 2015 onwards
Download PDF fileTesticular Cancer v2.2 [712kb] Download PDF fileTesticular Cancer v2.2 [320kb] Download Excel fileTesticular Cancer v2.2 [712kb] 1 October 2015 onwards

Previous versions of these cancer QPI documents, along with cancer audit datasets and data definitions from 2005 and onwards, are stored in the Archive section.

There are also a small number of datasets for cancers which are not included in the QPI development programme. These are stored in the Pre-QPI Datasets section.

Further information

Further information for those involved in prospective audit data collection and reporting is available from

If you are having problems accessing these documents please contact us

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