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Toby Stead
Information Analyst

I started with ISD in the Prescribing Team which then became a dual role with our Mental Health Access Improvement Support Team. With a combined post, I never see a dull week. In prescribing I get to look at trends in medicines use across the country. With the mental health team, I work directly with the mental health services at NHS Dumfries and Galloway to help them harness the power of their own data and turn this into intelligence that they can action. This past year has seen the biggest boost to my skills I have experienced in a nine year career in the health sector. I have got involved in different areas of ISD from seriously in-depth analysis to engagement with customers. ISD has offered a wealth of opportunities for training and development. There is something here to stimulate and develop anyone interested in using data to improve the delivery of healthcare and outcomes for the people of Scotland.

Johanne Burns
Senior Information Analyst

I came to ISD from a background of working as an analyst for Lothian and Borders Police, and the City of Edinburgh Council. My first role in ISD was as an analyst in the Prescribing team. I was involved in responding to freedom of information requests, completing routine reports for customers, and publishing open data. My current role is within the Mental Health Access Improvement Support Team working with NHS Lothian. I support my customers to make the best use of the data they gather around psychological therapies, and child and adolescent mental health services. The support team I work for has analysts working across Scotland and each roles is slightly different depending on the needs of the NHS Board. I thrive on the autonomy and self-management my current role provides and I enjoy assisting staff in NHS Lothian to understand and gain value from their data.

Maighread Simpson
Principal Information Analyst

I joined ISD as a Principal Analyst after a number of years working as an analyst in criminal intelligence and social care settings. I was attracted to the wide array of development opportunities that exist within ISD, as well as the potential to use data to make a positive difference to health and wellbeing in Scotland. Initially I was appointed to the Secondary Care Team which is responsible for acute hospital information. This was a fast-paced role, responding to information requests, producing annual and quarterly publications. As well as overseeing the work undertaken by members of the team, I was also responsible for providing advice and guidance on secondary care data to internal and external stakeholders.

After two years I was offered the opportunity to join the ISD-led analytical team in NHS Lothian. In this post I have been involved in shaping the development of an analytical service to support the development of a new quality management approach to healthcare. I manage a team of analysts who support a range of quality improvement programmes across the health board. This involves working closely with clinicians and managers to help them use of data more effectively. My time in NHS Lothian has been extremely valuable; it has exposed me to the pressures that front-line health and social care services are under which has in turn has given me a better understanding of how we can use data to support and inform the delivery of those services. ISD make a really positive contribution to the delivery of health and care by delivering data products and services.

Michelle Kirkpatrick
Principal Information Analyst

I joined ISD as an analyst and have had some great experiences working across different areas of the organisation including primary care, acute hospital care, workforce, and waiting times. Although my earlier years with ISD were mostly doing analysis, I now spend the majority of my time leading on project work and publications. I now manage a team and I am responsible for the development of my staff  to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to carry out their work effectively. This is something I take great pleasure in and I want to make sure my colleagues have the support and advice they need. I thoroughly enjoy working in ISD and the variety of projects I’ve been involved in. ISD is a great place to gain and develop skills and knowledge about the National Health Service. We hold such a rich data source that we can use to inform improvements in health and care. I am proud to be a part of this.

Denise Greig
Senior Statistician

I joined ISD in October 1999 after completing my BSC Hons in Mathematics with Statistics. I discovered ISD through my fellow students who had been on placement and had enjoyed working there. In my first role I worked on hospital and community information then moved to the Medical Record Linkage team. My time working in data linkage team was key as it gave me a great insight into our data. This is knowledge that l draw on daily many years later.

I have worked in several teams since then and have produced National Statistics publications on accidents (unintentional injuries), dentistry and ophthalmic services. I also took a leading role in training over three hundred staff in one of our BusinessObjects datamarts. My current role is with the Health and Social Care team. Whilst I still carry out some analysis, my main role is to produce a linked data set that is used by my team and our Local Intelligence Support Team. The linked data file that we create underpins much of the analysis produced by my colleagues as part of the Source products within Tableau. I really enjoy working with data at this very detailed level. Throughout my time with ISD, I have particularly enjoyed delivering training, answering questions asked by ministers in the Scottish Parliament and helping new staff to learn about our work.


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